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A Prophecy In Ash – Julie Zantopoulos

Synopsis: Aisling has more than earned time to relax with the men she loves, but just because a killer is in jail doesn’t mean their reign of terror is over. Besides, who can take time off when planning a royal wedding that’s prophesied to unite the realms?

Riordan craves justice for the acts of violence against his family and the more time he spends in Faerie the more he fears the dropping of the Veil. Worry and guilt plague him. Something has to give, and it might be him.

Brynach has never been more hopeful about his future and his place with Aisling and Riordan. But he’s tired of the court’s political games, and he’s done playing nice.

Together, they’ll fight for the life they want and the love they believe in.

The second of the In Ash series brings you back into a world of magic, Fae, witches, and high stakes. Aisling, Riordan, and Brynach need to prepare for the battle of a lifetime or risk losing themselves entirely. They’re ready for the fight, are you?

My Rating:  4.75 stars – Rounded up to 5.

Cover 5; characters 5; plot 4; pace 5; writing 4; enjoyment 5.

My Review: As an aside before we begin, Julie is a friend of mine and I was given an eARC of A PROPHECY IN ASH to read and review. Please know that I will be giving my honest thoughts and opinions but you may take them with a grain of salt if you wish.

Also, this review may contain spoilers for book one, so if you haven’t read book one yet, you can check out my review for it here: A CURSE IN ASH

If you were as blown away by the mutual love, trust, and respect of our core polyamorous thruple as I was in book one, you my friend are in for a treat. Book two takes us on a journey of not only exploring the relationships between Ash & Brynach, and Ash & Riordan, but also Brynach and Riordan. And y’all I was HERE FOR IT.

I very much enjoyed the trajectory of the plot as well. We get to see more of Faerie and its politics and how choices that are being made will effect not only the world of Faerie, but the human realm as well. And y’all, the effects are MASSIVE. Where we left off? I’m not sure if I’m going to make it another year without knowing the consequences of everything.

Spicy scenes were SPICY. S-P-I-C-Y! Scenes do include bedroom time with all three of our MC’s, as they are part of a polyandry relationship which is distinctly different in fiction from a “reverse harem” which by definition includes 3+ male partners and several genre tropes that are not present in this story. But it is worth noting in case you are strictly a two people in bed at time kind of reader.

I had a few issues with continuity and the flow of a few details but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the novel overall. The things that I did stumble over a little were better explained or explored as the book went on.

The other thing this book does well but may be a caution for some readers is Riordan’s character arc. Riordan is dealing with major grief throughout this series and it hits pretty hard in this book. The guy is just having a rough time and there are a few moments in this book where our boy is just going THROUGH it. I fully appreciate that the after effects of the events in book 1 are addressed here, but it is worth mentioning that anyone dealing with that kind of grief, may find a few pages difficult to get through.

Overall, I had a blast reading this book. I enjoyed getting more time with three characters who are just total bad asses and yet kind, caring, loving people who really care about their core group of friends. A found family plot will always hit me in the feels and this group knows exactly how to get me.

To see more reviews & purchase links, check this book out on Goodreads.

To see more of my reviews, head over to the reviews page on my website.

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