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A 30-something witch from southern Ohio, Jessica's free time is spent dabbling in multiple hobbies. This includes reading novels crossing multiple genre's, attempting to write a best-selling novel, being a bad ass #PlannerBabe with a mild Archer & Olive obsession, and creating YouTube content that encompasses all of those hobbies.

Her current writing projects include a few YA paranormal novels dealing with different Grim Reaper myths of varying religions/regions.

Together with YouTuber and friend Samantha L Nasset, Jessica put together a writing community known as the Storytellers' Hearth. Their main event is the Weekend Relay that takes place every March, June, and October where fellow creators get together on youtube and host live productivity sprints.

Every summer, she hosts the Summer Scare Readathon as a way to celebrate not only her love of spooky books, but also her birthday, which is technically June 8th, but June isn't always the best time to commit to a readathon.

Monthly you can catch her along with YouTuber and friend Kate Cavanaugh hosting Authortube Chat, a live show dedicated to discussing hot topics in the writing community. In 2023 they are focusing on Syd Field's The Foundations of Screenwriting and are tasking themselves with reading a book to movie/tv adaptation every month. They will be discussing how well it was transitioned into a screenplay for their monthly book club. 

This bio would be incomplete without mentioning that Jessica lives on a small farm with two Australian Shepherds, two cats, five horses, a parrot, some chickens and other assorted farm animals depending on the day. She's an aspiring gardener with a black thumb, and a true kitchen witch at heart. 

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