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Weekend Relay
June 17th & 18th


Saturday June 17th, 2023


Click on any thumbnail to be taken to the live on YouTube!


7:30am EDT - Storytellers' Hearth - Opening Ceremony
Live show thumbs (1).png
8:00am EDT - Kate Cavanaugh Writes - Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
11:00am EDT - Inimitable Books, LLC - Productivity
Productivity 2 June 23.png
2:00pm EDT - Writing Mom Samantha L Nasset - Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
3:00pm EDT - Natalie Locke - Social
Social 1 June 23.png
5:00pm EDT - Vixen Of Fiction - Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
6:00pm EDT - Stephanie Whitson - Social
Live show thumbs (2).png
8:00pm EDT - Julie Zee Author - Productivity
Team 5 June 23.png
9:00pm EDT - Author Ty Williams - Social
Live show thumbs (2).png
11:00pm EDT - Laura Nettles - Productivity
Productivity 6 June 23.jpg
Sunday March 26th, 2023
12:00am EDT - Andrea Donoso S. - Social
Live show thumbs (2).png
2:00am EDT - Estelle Van de Velde - Productivity
Productivity 7 June 23.png
5:00am EDT - Anna Robbins- Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
6:00am EDT - Hananya le Clercq - Social
Social 5 June 23.jpg
8:00am EDT - Bree Buonomo - Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
9:00am EDT - Maya Lemaire - Social
Social 6 June 23.png
11:00am EDT - The Hexed Library - Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
2:00pm EDT - somberhoney books - Productivity
Productivity 11 June 23.png
3:00pm EDT - Emma Bennet - Social
Live show thumbs (2).png
5:00pm EDT - S.D. Huston - Productivity
Live show thumbs (2).png
8:00pm EDT - Storytellers' Hearth - Closing Ceremony & after party!
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