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Weekend Relay
October 27th - 29th


Friday October 27th, 2023


Click on any thumbnail to be taken to the live on YouTube!


6:30am EDT - Storytellers' Hearth - Opening Ceremony
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7:00pm EDT - Vixen Of Fiction (Nia) - Productivity
9:00pm EDT - Zoe's All Booked - Productivity
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9:00pm EDT - Author Ty Williams - Social
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11:00pm EDT - Dolores Madil- Productivity
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Saturday, October 28th, 2023
1:00am EDT - Andrea Donoso - Productivity
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3:00am EDT - Hananya La Clercq - Productivity
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5:00am EDT - Sarah Cahill - Productivity
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6:00am EDT - Charlotte Armstrong - Social
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7:00am EDT - Anna Robbins - Productivity
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9:00am EDT -Lee Holderfield - Productivity
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11:00am EDT - Julie Zee Author - Productivity
1:00pm EDT - Somberhoney books- Productivity
3:00pm EDT - Self Pub with Andy - Productivity
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3:00pm EDT - Grayson's Bookmark - Social
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5:00pm EDT - The Hexed Library - Productivity
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6:00pm EDT - CB Ferrenz - Social
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7:00pm EDT - Laura Nettles - Productivity
9:00pm EDT - Katie Ann Writes - Productivity
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9:00pm EDT - Esther Marie Andujar - Social
11:00pm EDT - Writing Mom Samantha L Nasset - Productivity
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Saturday, October 28th, 2023
1:00am EDT - Rebeka Alvie - Productivity
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3:00am EDT - Malin Tries - Productivity
5:00am EDT - Heather.Salter-Purves_author - Productivity
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7:00am EDT - The Hexed Library - Productivity
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9:00am EDT - Maiga Vidal - Social
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9:00am EDT - Kat Leo - Productivity
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11:00am EDT - Kate Cavanaugh Writes - Productivity
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1:00pm EDT - Natalie Locke - Productivity
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3:00pm EDT - Write Holly Davis - Productivity
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3:00pm EDT - Mirav Levy - Social
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5:00pm EDT - S.D. Huston - Productivity
6:30am EDT - Storytellers' Hearth - Opening Ceremony
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